Group Therapy & Occupational Therapy

The group therapy programme is presented by Smuts D Occupational Therapists (Practice no: 0328278). You will first attend an orientation session in order to register as a patient of this practice. Terms and conditions of your participation will be discussed with you at this orientation session.

What to expect from occupational group therapy:

We assist in your healing process by providing a balanced holistic therapeutic programme through group therapy sessions. These sessions are facilitated by the therapist to ensure a safe and positive environment to allow working through your healing process at your own pace.

Although members in a group all have unique problems, the similarities, different perspectives and encouragement from others install hope and promote healing. Through the group therapy process members gain confidence and insight from useful feedback to deal with issues that previously seemed impossible. The therapist facilitating the session ensures that confidentiality is addressed and agreed upon at the start of every session. We do not share to much personal information or go into too much detail in order to guard against emotional overload.

Optimal participation is encouraged by attending a balance between the different group therapy sessions provided. You may consult an Occupational Therapist/ Psychiatrist / Psychologist for assistance with selection.

In this personal growth community we embrace our differences that make us unique and we celebrate our similarities that make us belong. Our philosophy can be summarized by the slogan: From Illness to Wellness (because illness starts with an I and wellness starts with We...)


Therapy options presented are:

Interpersonal groups (Me- Time):

Aims to restore energy; promote positive feelings as well as focus on positive introspection to enhance self-worth and self-esteem.

Informative groups:
Provide general information on disorders and basic techniques.

Life skills groups:
Focus on personal development and emotional growth
Practical stress management skills groups including relaxation therapy

Craft project groups:
Each craft group has a unique format and structure to address different therapeutic objectives. Most craft activities aim to address aspects related to the returning to work/life roles skills therefore they are structured activities. Craft groups also focus on decreasing stress and stimulating creativity.  Please note that craft sessions carry an additional fee not covered by your medical aid.



Occupational group therapy sessions are billed separately and are settled according to your specific medical aid scheme plan. The practice charges according to medical aid scheme tariffs. It is advisable that you contact your scheme directly as it remains your responsibility to make sure what the scheme covers the therapy in terms of benefits.

Come and meet us at an orientation session and start your journey to well-being.





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