Admission & Fees

Persons who voluntarily seek professional healthcare assistance for psychiatric illness need to consult with one of the admitting psychiatrists at Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital. The psychiatrist will determine whether admission is necessary and, if so, facilitate the admission process.


  • Medical Aid membership card and dependant number
  • Identity document of main member as well as the patient
  • Authorisation number
  • Deposit (if applicable)
  • Prescribed forms if patient is an assisted mental healthcare user


  • Day and night clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Money (for Laundromat, coffee shop, craft groups, etc.)
  • Chronic & home medication (to be handed in at nurses’ station)
  • Your own supply of cigarettes should you be a smoker (by law no tobacco products may be sold in a health establishment


Please familiarise yourself with your medical aid’s/scheme's benefits and available funds before admission. 

Provide the confirmation/pre-authorisation number obtained from your scheme on admission.

Patients are reminded that the account remains their responsibility and is payable within 30 days of discharge. 

Certain medical aids/schemes require a co-payment from the member for the portion of the treatment not covered by the medical scheme.  This is payable by the patient on admission.


A weekly deposit covering the estimated cost of the procedure/service is required on admission.  Should your stay exceed a week, you are required to make further weekly deposit payments. Please contact the hospital for fee information.

Every effort will be made to finalise the account on discharge.  A waiting period may be expected.

Credit card facilities are available.


Hospital fees As per medical aid / private tariffs
ECT fees
(excluding psychiatrist and anaesthetist)
As per medical aid / private tariffs
Psychiatrist Charged separately by the psychiatrist
Psychologist Charged separately by the psychologist
Occupational therapy program  Charged separately by occupational therapists
Pathology (if necessary) Charged separately by the pathologist
Ambulance fee (if necessary) Dependent on location, charged separately

Case managers (admin personnel) are available during office hours, Monday to Friday for any queries.


Right of admission is reserved by management.


All persons (patients and visitors included) are subject to the hospital rules.

  • The use, possession or supply of any unauthorised medication, illicit substance or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Firearms, weapons or any dangerous object is strictly prohibited, and may not be brought onto the premises under any circumstances.
  • A complete copy of the rules is available upon request.
  • Valuable items:  It is advisable not to bring jewellery or large sums of cash with you, since we do not accept responsibility for patients’ belongings.
  • Special requests: Please notify us as soon as possible if you have a special request, e.g. special dietary requirements.
  • Smoking: No person may smoke any tobacco products in a public place or an area within a prescribed distance from a window, ventilation inlet or doorway to an entrance into a public place.
  • No person may sell or offer to sell tobacco products in a health establishment. 

Smoking however is permitted in outside designated areas and patients should ensure them to have their own supply of cigarettes.

                            TOBACCO PRODUCTS AMENDMENT ACT, 2008, REFERS

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